Simplify processes and 
expand strategically


The easiest approach to manage each phase of the 
renting process is with Odoo's renting application. Utilize a single portal to schedule pickups, manage 
merchandise, and sign paperwork.

Rent online to 

save time

The ease of online booking and reservations has been made possible by connections with Odoo's eCommerce platform. Customers can use the website to browse the things that are available, book the dates that work best for them, and check out.

Synchronize your 

to-do list

Know precisely who is picking you up and dropping you off with just one click. Easily manage your day by monitoring the status of bills and rents from a single, user-friendly dashboard.  

Don't waste time 

and money

Whether you rent by the day, week, month, or year, make sure each product has a price that is specific to the various time periods.


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